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What is a Legal Plan?

What are the Benefits?

When significant events in your life present you with legal challenges, an ARAG Legal Plan provides meaningful solutions and legal relief. It's a benefit that can reduce the stress, time and money of dealing with a legal issue on your own, and helps you:

  • Prevent legal situations from happening in the first place.
  • Protect yourself from loss in the event of a legal situation.
  • Educate yourself on your legal rights, with access to educational materials, online tools and professionals.


Given that attorneys charge an average of $284 per hour in the United States¹, an ARAG Legal Plan offers valuable legal protection at a reasonable cost. As a member, you’ll save with a wide range of covered attorney’s fees. Plus, we cover both contested and uncontested matters, plaintiff and defendant issues – unmatched in the industry – which means lower out-of-pocket costs for you than with other legal solutions.  

Find out how with our Legal Cost Calculator.

¹Average attorney rate in the United States of $320 per hour for attorneys with 11 to 15 years of experience, The 41st Annual Survey of Law Firm Economics: 2013, Published by The National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, July 25, 2013.

Reliable and Trusted Resources

When you are dealing with a legal issue, you can rest assured you won't be alone. You'll be backed by our caring team of professionals who passionately believe in providing meaningful solutions to life's legal issues. Count on our trusted online educational tools and resources, our nationwide network of more than 9,300 attorneys and our award-winning Customer Care Center that you can call for answers or just need a place to start.

Relief and Peace of Mind

Sometimes handling a legal issue on your own can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly. That's why we provide such a strong network of support and legal assistance to help you through it. Whether your issue requires legal advice, document review or preparation, or face-to-face consultation, we’ll help you take control of your situation and work with you to provide the relief and closure you’re looking for – at a time when you need it most

See how these ARAG members found closure for their legal situation.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is quick, easy and affordable. Individuals can enroll in the ARAG Legal Plan using the normal enrollment methods provided through their organization. Payment is typically made via payroll deduction and is considered an after-tax benefit option.

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