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ARAG® partners with more than 10,000 individually selected attorneys across the U.S. to provide services to individuals in companies and organizations of various sizes and industries. Members choose an attorney from our knowledgeable network base and ARAG pays the attorney directly for covered matters.*

86% of satisfied ARAG members say they are likely to refer their attorney to friends and family! Complete your application for this great attorney marketing opportunity today.

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  1. Review Network Attorney Agreement, Requirements to Join and How We Select Attorneys.
  2. Contact ARAG for Fee Schedule information at 866-272-4529, ext. 3
  3. Complete Online Application – Have W-9 information available and attach copy of Insurance Declaration Page.

Requirements to Join

  • Agree to the terms of the Attorney Agreement.
  • Agree to provide plan members service for covered matters as selected on the Attorney Application at rates stated by the ARAG Fee Schedule.
  • Agree to provide plan members service for non-covered matters as selected on the Attorney Application at the reduced fee contracted rate.
  • Be licensed to practice in the state(s) where you accept clients and be in good standing with the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Maintain a physical office in the state(s) where licensed and practicing.
  • Maintain liability insurance coverage of at least $100,000 per incident and $300,000 aggregate per year.

How to Prepare Before Applying

  • W-9 - Have available firm’s tax ID -or- your social security number for W-9 as selection of payment for reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Insurance Declaration Page - Prepare to attach copy of current liability insurance declaration page which reflects minimum coverage of at least $100,000 per incident and $300,000 aggregate per year.
  • Disclosures - Supply supporting information and related documentation regarding: complaints filed against you with any state bar/law society or disciplinary authority, professional liability and/or convictions of fraud and/or felony.

ARAG's Fee Schedule

Please contact an ARAG Provider Relations Specialist at 866-272-4529, ext.3, to receive and discuss fee schedule information prior to acceptance on the ARAG Attorney Network.

For North Carolina Attorneys Only

In addition to ARAG’s requirements, North Carolina Attorneys are required to complete a state mandated certification form. Please complete and submit via email to:, or fax to 515-246-8710.

How We Select Attorneys

We credential and contract with each attorney on an individual basis. This helps us ensure each and every attorney within a firm:

  • Meets ARAG requirements and is certified to have an active license in good standing within the state they are practicing.
  • Maintains the required amount of liability insurance, and is in good standing with the relevant regulatory authority.
  • Maintains a physical office location.

Because of our efforts to contract with individual attorneys and verify their specific individual credentials and experience, plan members will know the attorney they chose will be the one representing them.

*According to the ARAG Fee Schedule.